Workshops and Special Programs




ART, ANIMATION AND MURALS Dan Fenelon has created a dynamic program that teaches children about different types of professional art careers, especially animation. His presentation includes large painted canvases, examples of graphic design and a step by step computer demonstration of the creation of an animated sequence. He makes students aware of how many different subject areas tie into the arts and encourages them to notice the role of artists in creating everything from fine art to cartoons.  Dan Fenelon; Grades 3-12; Assembly $650/$850  Murals  $450 per day plus expenses 
BOUNDLESS SHAKESPEARE NEW All too often, the incomparable poetry of Shakespeare's plays inspires groans, eye-rolling and outright terror in students (and a few teachers). This workshop unlocks the language of the Bard for even elementary grades by approaching it the way actors do: as a performance piece. Using one monologue, students will work as a group to break open vocabulary in context, get into the rhythm of the verse, and explore basic acting techniques to develop an informal "performance" of the piece. This hands-on, interactive workshop helps students learn to love Shakespeare while introducing reading strategies that are highly "portable" to other literary texts and genres. Teaching Artist Jamie Brink can also design customized workshops which use theatre to address your specific curricular goals. Jamie Brink; Grades 4-12, 60-90 minutes per workshop, $200 each 


Jamie Brink  646-228-5864

COMMUNITY MURALS Internationally known artist, Arlene RB Sullivan, will work with students and faculty to design a mural tailor-made for their school.  Once drawn, participants join together to paint.  Upon completion, Arlene Sullivan does the final touch-ups and the entire mural is varnished to become a professionally finished, permanent piece of art. Murals can be done directly on the wall, on banner cloth or canvas sets. Murals can be donated to facilities in need (hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, etc.) as part of a school community service project. Arlene Sullivan;Grades 4-12 ; $700-$1000 (includes all paint supplies for a 4’x 6’ – 4’ x 10” mural)

Arlene Sullivan  (973) 402-0842

IMAGINE THE OTHER! encourages students to think about what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes. Led by theater artist Carolyn Hunt, this two-day workshop focuses on developing complex, interesting, believable characters to be used in follow-up activities by a classroom teacher or guidance counselor.  On Day 1 of four 60-minute or five 45-minute sessions, Carolyn guides students through acting and writing exercises that help them inhabit the characters they create so they better understand what motivates their characters to behave in certain ways.  On Day 2 Carolyn helps students write dramatic monologues that may be used to further discussion about important issues or subject matter; develop story plots or plays; revise and rehearse for a performance.  During their two days together, the artist and the teacher or counselor will discuss appropriate follow-up activities and techniques to implement them. Carolyn Hunt; Grades 3-12; 2 days: $1000


Carolyn Hunt

I AM ALIVE! IN THE CLASSROOM  After conducting one or two assemblies in the morning, poet/author BJ Ward, will visit up to five individual classes for 30-45 minutes each, further discussing some ideas raised in the assembly and guiding the children through a writing exercise based on a poem by either William Shakespeare or the Kiowa writer N. Scott Momaday. Students in kindergarten and 1st grade will compose a group poem with Mr. Ward. Each student in grades 2-5 will compose one poem of his or her own. BJ Ward; Grades K-5; assembly costs plus $550 per half day  

BJ Ward  (908) 835-2531

LENAPE TRAVELING MUSEUM presents two shows this year which examine life, mystery and magic of the Lenape people through song, dance, authentic artifacts and storytelling. “Men of the Lenapehoking” examines the roles of men and boys in the Lenape tribe, including demonstrations of hunting, fishing, trapping and tool and axe making techniques. “Lenape Women and Children” covers aspects of life in the Village including cooking, farming, medicines and games. All programs contain drumming, singing, stories, demonstrations and laughter. All programs 90 minutes long. Kevin O'Connell; K-12; price on request

Kevin O’Connell  (908) 996-2623

LET’S BLOOM TOGETHER is a gardening program designed to make learning about plants and flowers fun and interesting for children. It's a gardening and enrichment program that is a lot deeper than just gardening. The themes of responsibility, sustainability, and community are woven throughout all the lessons. Sessions also include all the core subject matter that schools are required to teach like science, math, history, astronomy are in the program. Michael Bedrick; Grades K-4; Price on request

Michael Bedrick (973) 270 -0102

MOVE YOUR BODY, BUILD YOUR MIND:Supporting divergent thinking, problem solving and Language Development through Movement and Dance. Movement and dance are a natural way to encourage thinking, making choices and creativity in students.  As students discover and create new ways to move, their creativity flows, as does their ability to explain their choices, discover new language and describe what they’re doing.  This workshop will provide a hands-on experience for students’ to engage in divergent thinking, problem solving, and language development through fun and simple movement activities and co-creation. Students will experience a variety of standard-based movement concepts such as Energy, Time and Space.  With inspiration from life and school experiences students will co-create simple choreography. Michelle Marigliano; Grades K-8; Price on request

Michelle Marigliano

PRINTMAKING CENTER OF NEW JERSEY NEW A commitment to enhance the arts education of children has been central to the mission of the Printmaking Center of New Jersey for the past 39 years. That mission has been upheld through the Roving Press, an outreach program staffed by professional artists that brings printmaking instruction to dozens of schools and community organizations throughout the state. We approach art education believing that every child has amazing artistic potential. Our artist-centered programs create infectious excitement through artist residencies, exhibitions at schools, and professional development opportunities directed at art teachers and classroom teachers alike. Each site-specific residency is designed to meet the academic curricula goals of the individual classroom or school. Students learn about contemporary art practice from professional artists using high-quality materials. Each partnership strives to empower visual literacy and nurture the next generation of artists and audiences.  Printmaking Center of New Jersey; Grades K-12


Roving Press programs are offered in the following: Monotype, Collagraph, Drypoint, Relief, Lithography, Papermaking, Book Arts, Silkscreen and Photography.

David Keefe  908-725-2110


SAORI WEAVING is a contemporary hand weaving program founded by Misao Jo (1913- , Japan) in 1969 with the intention to allow people of all abilities to express themselves freely regardless of age, gender, disability or intellectual aptitude.  The philosophy of SAORI invites participants to enjoy hand-weaving as an art form that embraces the importance of free expression as it reveals one’s inner creativity. In this class participants will experience hand-weaving that is free from the rules of traditional weaving. As participants consider the differences between people and machines we will admire irregularity as a unique beauty which holds the potential of unlimited possibilities.

SAORI weaving provides a 'Do-It-Yourself' experience for all participants. It is a process-oriented program that empowers every participant to create with confidence. In class participants of different levels can learn together while pursuing a co-constructed tapestry to be used for a facility installation.Michelle Marigliano; Grades K-8; Price on request


Michelle Marigliano


SONGWRITING WORKSHOP An exciting interactive program with award winning songwriter Alice Leon, combining poetry, rhythm and music. Each group (up to 18 participants) will lend a hand in writing an original song based on a selected theme. Every student contributes to the writing of the song and by the end of each session; they will be singing and performing their song. The song will be recorded live and a digital copy of the song will be shared with the teacher and class. Alice Leon; Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8; 3 sessions $400


Alice Leon 




What Am I? THE STORY OF AN ABSTRACT PAINTING In this program artist Serena Bocchino uses her popular children’s book to introduce elementary school students to abstract art. Consisting of a large presentation followed by hands-on workshops, students use watercolor paint and begin to develop their own visual  vocabulary with a new understanding of abstraction. Serena Bocchino; Grades K-6; 1 presentation and 3 workshops $650