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The Alley Cats 

The Alley Cats perform an interactive, fun and informative show, teaching students about the elements of music and performance through one of America’s own art forms, Doo-Wop music. Tight harmonies, universal humor and unbelievable a cappella energy have made the Alley Cats one of America's premier Doo-Wop groups. Get Arts Smart; Grades K-8; $1200/$1400

Get Arts Smart 866.770.2287



The American Heroes Concerts

The American Heroes Concerts include national award-winning original songs about some of America’s greatest citizens by singer, songwriter and Grammy-nominated recording artist Jonathan Sprout.  Character education is emphasized through traits such as honesty, compassion and perseverance as Mr. Sprout sings, plays guitars and recounts fascinating tales about each of his heroes using his state-of-the-art theater quality sound system. "American Heroes Concert One" features Martin Luther King, Jr., Sacajawea, George Washington, Amelia Earhart and Abraham Lincoln. "American Heroes Concert Two" features Thomas Edison, Pocahontas, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and Ben Franklin. "American Heroes Concert Three" features Susan B. Anthony, Johnny Appleseed, The Wright Brothers, Neil Armstrong and Sojourner Truth. "American Heroes Concert Four" features original songs about Wilma Rudolph, Elizabeth Blackwell, John Muir, Thomas Jefferson and Milton Hershey. "American Heroes Concert Five" features original songs about Samantha Smith, Albert Einstein, William Penn, Dr. Seuss, Theodore Roosevelt and Juliette Gordon Low. Jonathan Sprout; Grades K-6; $725/$995

Jonathan Sprout 800.577.7688                                                                                                                                                                    .

In the News:

Bucks County musician Jonathan Sprout combines music and storytelling to put kids in tune with America’s historical heroes.




Astrograss is a bluegrass band from Brooklyn, NY that brings a high level of musicianship and entertainment to the stage, engaging students with their interactive show.  At a typical assembly, the band introduces the history and evolution of bluegrass music using US Geography, instrument identification, and social influences in order to give the students a cultural appreciation of this American art form through interactive and entertaining performance Astrograss; Grades K-12; $800/$1100 for 4-piece group; $1000/$1300 for 5-piece group

Jordan Shapiro 917.693.4939



Bash The Trash Environmental Arts

For 25 years Bash the Trash has been weaving together science, music and the environment! Using amazing invented instruments, they teach kids how to combine science and the arts using the cheapest possible materials, while exploring STEM and environmental issues such as sustainability and the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). They offer a sequential series of performances that goes progressively deeper into the science of sound as well as environmental concepts.  The “Intro Show” explores the science behind sound and vibrations; “Found Sound Science” goes deeper into the families of instruments; “Trash Jam” shows kids how to make their own Junk Band; “The Multicultural Show” features instrument-builders from cultures around the world.  Always fast and funny, with age-appropriate audience participation throughout and chock-full of information presented by their superb crew of scientist/musicians, these shows can serve as a springboard for follow-up hands-on workshops.  Bash the Trash; Grades Pre-K-8; $1375/$1730

John Bertles 914.478.1103  



Beth & Scott And Friends

Beth and Scott Bierko have been Teaching Artists for 22 years. Their work combines current curriculum with interactive songs, humor and beautiful voices. The Bierkos are proficient at assemblies and workshops in the following areas: character education, anti-bullying, holidays, history, nutrition and wellness, and reading. New in 2016-17 are three programs devoted to mindfulness and movement - a great way to build concentration, lower stress and have fun!  For all ages, Beth & Scott also offer songwriting workshops designed to support the core curriculum, enhance collaboration and help students become more effective thinkers and writers . Beth & Scott and Friends; Grades Pre-K-12; $1200/1850

Beth Bierko 800.364.5381



Big Ideas!

Multiple award-winning singer/songwriter Patricia Shih offers 18 different “Big Ideas!” concerts with themes expressed in song. Choose from: Appreciation and Gratitude; Back to School! Best of Big Ideas; Bullies - Nonviolent Resolution to Conflict; Character; Disabilities; The Environment; Family shows; Freedom; Halloween; Holiday (Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa); Kindness; Literacy; Multiculturalism; Safety and Health (substance abuse prevention and/or nutrition and fitness); Self-esteem; and Women in History. All shows use humor, sensitivity, fun, excitement and total audience participation to teach positive social values through a wide range of musical styles. Workshops and residencies also available. Patricia Shih plus 1-2 accompanists; Grades K-6; Prices from $600

Patricia Shih 631.549.2332 



The Bucket Boys

The Bucket Boys are a progressive percussion duo, combining high energy rhythm and comedy to deliver an interactive performance of sight, sound and laughter. From witty creators Vince Romanelli and Mitch Martin. The Bucket Boys use a mobile collection of ordinary items to crash, bang, and pound out extraordinary cadences while conveying various important messages. Using trash cans, pots and pans, garbage barrels, and of course, buckets, the duo creates funky, hip-hop dance beats. Get Arts Smart; Grades K-8; $650/$950 

Get Arts Smart 866.770.2287 714.924.3620 






Using masked characters, stories, comedy and exquisite musicianship, Grammy winner Eugene Friesen draws upon a lifetime of experience in music and theater to inspire and educate. From serious classics to serious fun, CelloMan engages young audiences in the concepts of creativity and passionate commitment to life's work. Choral, jazz improvisation and string workshops available. Eugene Friesen; Grades K-12; $1000/$1250 

Eugene and Wendy Friesen 802.275.8661 



The Doo-Wah Riders

There is no one else like the Doo-Wah Riders. For over twenty years they have been riding their own patch of the musical range throughout the west. They possess the rare combination of many years of experience and youthful energy fired by a love for what they do. The Doo-Wahs are country, with a unique, original sound. They define their sound as "high energy country with a cajun twist". Get Arts Smart; Grades K-8; $1250/$1450  

Get Arts Smart 866.770.2287   714.313.8571



NEW Guy Davis

His parallel careers – as musician, author, music teacher and film, television and Broadway actor – mark Davis as a Renaissance man, yet the blues remain his first and greatest love. Growing up in a family of artists (his parents were Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis), he fell under the spell of Blind Willie McTell and Fats Waller at an early age. As an educator Guy has been on the Lincoln Center Institute's roster and taught throughout the City for over five years, and has done residency programs at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the State Theatre in New Brunswick and throughout Pennsylvania. He has also performed children's programs in Greenland, Ecuador, Spain and Indonesia. He is a master storyteller, a singer and instrumentalist, equally adept at playing guitar, banjo and harmonica. Guy is an artist and an educator who has learned valued traditions in the performing arts by listening and learning directly from great performers. Guy Davis; Grades 3-12; $700/$1,200

Thom Wolke 603.675.5454                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Harmonium Choral Society

Harmonium introduces students to the fun of fine a cappella singing with a global range of songs from different time periods and countries. Students learn about range, part-singing, and canon, and experience styles of music from Renaissance to contemporary in a dynamic show that includes lots of audience participation. Most importantly, they see demonstrated how CHORAL singing is a means of self-expression that brings satisfaction at any age. Dr. Anne Matlack is also available to workshop with school choruses in advance for a deeper partnership experience. Harmonium Outreach Chorus; Grades K-12; $950/$1200

Dr. Anne Matlack 201.274.4617




Hayes Greenfield's Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz takes students K thru 12 on a transformative journey that demonstrates how enhanced active listening skills, group cooperation, and personal self-expression are necessary for creating quality music. This highly interactive, fun and educational experience/assemly program challenges students to engage their creativity and embrace the magic of jazz, improvisation and risk-taking. Depending upon the program, Hayes also loves to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for student musicians to perform with him and his band of professional musicians. This unique opportunity both spotlights and celebrates the power of music, inclusiveness, and student creativity with the whole community-teachers, administrators, fellow students, and peers. Hayes Greenfield; K-12; $1000/$1200  

Hayes Greenfield 212.477.5260



Key Wilde And Mr. Clarke

Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke perform original, humorous, upbeat songs with an emphasis on guitar and tight vocal harmonies. Their songs introduce students to a wide range of musical styles from bluegrass to samba and are presented with animated projected visuals created by illustrator Key Wilde. The illustrations illuminate themes and characters depicted in the songs and are designed to stimulate the imaginations of young students. Their most recent album "Animal Tales" was awarded a Parent’s Choice Gold Award – their second recording to receive this high honor. The duo offer an astonishingly witty collection of songs ranging from the factual (yet always whimsical) to tall tales about pigs growing as big as tractor trailers, flying to the moon in a red balloon and a dog who thinks he's a frog. Key Wilde; Grades K-6; $600/$1000

Key Wilde 908.328.6544



Meet The Musicians

Meet the Musicians is a one hour dramatic presentation of storytelling and music by brilliant pianist Dennis Kobray who becomes Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Brahms, a friend of Scott Joplin, Stephen Foster or George Gershwin. Children discover the feelings, music, life, and history of some of the world's most famous composers. A period costume is worn by the artist who also brings his own keyboard, sound system and mural backdrops. Programs are adapted in length and content to strike chords that all children can understand and that adults appreciate. Dennis Kobray; Grades K-5, 6-8, 9-12; $750/$975

Dennis/Gale Kobray 973.376.8465



Mexico Beyond Mariachi

Starting with the rich imagery and fascinating world of the Aztecs, students will travel back in time 600 years to see how instruments were made only from elements in nature, and hear what they have in common with  these ancient people. The audience is then transported to the time of Cortez and the arrival of the Spanish, understanding how and why the two cultures mixed to form a new Mestizo identity. From there we travel to the states of Tabasco, Michoacan and Jalisco, witnessing the music and dances of these vastly different regions as they are performed today. We end our journey in Veracruz, the largest port in Mexico, and home to the vibrant Son Jarocho culture. Also available in October-November is a special show in honor of Hispanic heritage Month, celebrating the "Day of the dead" / "Dia de los Muertos". Mexico Beyond Mariachi; Grades K-8; 5 performers (all live music and dance); $1200/$1500

Peter Bogdanos 646.265.5590                                                                                                                                                                                


Mexico Beyond Mariachi Sizzle Reel

Mexico Beyond Mariachi


Music Around The World

Professional musician, ethnomusicologist and educator Andy Wasserman introduces students to the secrets that unlock the key to the universal language of music by demonstrating dozens of musical instruments that weave a vibrant tapestry of sound from West African, Far Eastern, Native American, Middle Eastern and Latin American countries. Everyone participates by sharing over fifty authentic wind, string and percussion instruments. The presentation takes the audience on a voyage using music as the means of travel, offering a wealth of information about the similarities and differences between world cultures through an entertaining and highly interactive setting. Andy Wasserman; Grades K-12; $850/$1050

Andy Wasserman 908.852.9205



Music Technology With Brent Daniels

This hugely successful assembly will capture the attention of everyone that attends! You will be amazed at the way in which Brent relates to students and the ease with which he can bring out the musician in everyone. Student volunteers have the opportunity to participate in the program by being part of on-the-spot sound creation and composition that will have the whole place hopping! With a strong emphasis on the importance of education in ALL subjects, Brent Daniels demonstrates to students how music is produced in the entertainment industry today through computers and technology. This program includes a live sound recording with several audience participants. Using these recordings, students hear how their sounds can be manipulated, then transformed into a live song right on the spot! Brent’s music has been featured in many video games, movie and television soundtracks, commercials, and video soundtracks. Academic Entertainment; Grades K-12; $795/$1295

Academic Entertainment 800.883.9883 



New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

The NJSO Chamber Group offers a wide variety of engaging programs including: Mozart the Boy Wonder, Symphony Strings, Peter and the Wolf, Jungle Book, Hispanic Roots, All Around the World and Something For Everyone with an emphasis on instrument demonstration, composers, music with storytelling and mixed instrumentation. The programs meet many of the New Jersey Common Core Standards in Visual and Performing Arts, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. New Jersey Symphony Orchestra; Grades Pre-K-12 (and specially adapted autism programs for all grade levels); Price on request

Terri Campbell 973.735.1717



The Princeton Tigertones

The Princeton Tigertones are Princeton's signature all-male a cappella group. With a constantly expanding repertoire ranging from traditional ballads and jazz to barbershop, Broadway, classic rock, and American pop, the Tigertones entertain audiences of all ages and musical tastes. Whether performing for kindergartners in downtown Trenton, elderly audiences in Palm Beach or teenage schoolgirls in Switzerland, the Tones and their songs have universal appeal. Many of these songs have been captured on the Tigertones' thirty-one recordings, the most recent of which, entitled "On the Rocks", was released in the fall of '10. The Princeton Tigertones; Grades K-12; $900/$1200

Jack Jankowski  203.505.9318



Rhythm Hear Say

Rhythm Hear Say is a unique program which features Ron McBee, a world class percussionist, a stage full of fascinating instruments and your students for an exciting experience in world music. Using African instruments and their new world versions, students will learn all about percussion - how the instruments are made, played, and used as well as where they originated. The audience participates through playing instruments, hand-clapping, singing and call and response. Ron McBee; Grades K-12; one performer $750/$975; two performers $875/$1200  

Ron McBee 347.432.0312 





Solid Brass

What could be better than having fun while learning? Multi-media, dual curricular (music and social studies) programs include: A Musical History Tour of New Jersey; Music Meets the Presidents;  Out of Many, One (the story of immigration); Where in the World is Solid Brass? and Where in the Country is Solid Brass? (musical geography games!). There is also a show on How to Listen to Music (melody, harmony, bass and rhythm).  All of the shows introduce the audience to the brass and percussion instruments as well as encouraging their active participation. For schools on a budget, a smaller ensemble is available for all of the shows. Solid Brass; Grades K-8; $850/1375

Douglas Haislip 973.635.1854



Squeaky Clean Presents Live Rock And Roll With Multimedia History

This program offers rock and roll from the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s performed by an exciting musical trio. Electric bass guitar, upright bass, electric guitar and drums are featured, complemented by a six by nine foot screen with computer presentation of photos, videos, animations and sounds, bringing each decade alive. For Black History Month, we offer A Change Is Gonna Come, a multimedia history of the American Civil Rights movement. Multicultural holiday show Mistletunes celebrates December holidays from many lands. Reading ROCKS! highlights all kinds of reading. BIG 80’s shows how today’s cell phones and tablet computers had their origins in 1980’s technology (STEM learning standards). Character education program Pull Together stresses anti-bullying, respect and cooperation. Squeaky Clean; Grades K-12; $1125/$1475

Suzanne Smithline 718.347.2373



NEW Vocal Trash

Described as, Glee Meets Stomp, this green-minded ensemble delights audiences, globally, on a relentless pursuit to bring people together utilizing the universal language of song and dance. The Think program uniquely promotes green sustainability and anti-bullying through popular music and urban dance, a sure inroad to our youth. The cast is made up of young award-winning professionals utilizing their craft for meaningful and lasting results. Vocal Trash; Grades K-12; $2,850 (one show)/$2,000 (2-3 shows)/$1,850 (4 or more shows back to back)

Kelsey Rae 817.538.2848